The heart cannot be seen.That’s why we listen.

an organization that wants to create supporters of mental health throughout Japan.

Becoming a mental health supporter does not require a license or expertise.
You only need to learn the basics of mental health,
and the skills to listen to those in front of you.

Today, anyone can experience issues with mental health at any time.
This is why there need to be more of us who can notice the signs early, and lend a helping hand.

We will lead the action to spread knowledge regarding mental health,
helping as many people as possible to speak openly about their mental health and their hearts.

Cocoro Supporters are people who have completed a special training program in which they learn basic mental health knowledge and attentive listening skills. They support people with mental disorders and work to create a society in which people with mental disorders can live comfortable lives without prejudice.
We aim to train one million Cocoro Supporters throughout Japan by 2033.

The Japanese Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare is currently promoting measures to build a “community-based comprehensive care system that address mental disorders.”
The system will provide medical care, welfare and nursing care for people with disabilities, housing, social participation (e.g., employment), mutual aid in the community, and public awareness (e.g., education) so that everyone can live their own lives with peace of mind, regardless of the presence or degree of mental disorders. Such a system is necessary to realize a community-based society.

To promote the establishment of a community-based comprehensive care system, it is important to secure the understanding and support of local residents. Therefore, in order to effectively raise the necessary public awareness among local residents, we initiated a program to train Cocoro Supporters.

  • The program aims to train a wide range of people, from elementary school students to elderly people, who will provide support based on accurate knowledge and understanding to people close to them such as family members and colleagues, with a focus on attentive listening.
  • The program was newly developed with reference to Mental Health First Aid. The program also includes epidemiology of mental illness and social inclusion, aiming to reduce stigma.
  • The goal is to train one million Cocoro Supporters by the end of fiscal year 2033.
  • The program seeks to help people acquire knowledge and methods that are useful for the early detection and support of mental disorders and to help people with mental disorders cultivate a culture where they can live in harmony without discrimination, prejudice, or stigma.